What we do

And why we do it


Bringing concepts to life is magical, a place where creative movement blends harmoniously together with the story. We believe that accurate timing and speed of the on-screen action is what will make you sit at the tip of your chair.

Music Composition & Sound Design

Our films are guided by meticulously composed musical pieces. For us it’s about complimenting and amplifying the storytelling through music and sound. Our designs follow movement and support important story cadences.

Color grading

The beauty of telling a story through color is an essential part of our workflow. Our visuals are presented with detail and clarity, establishing the important connection between film and feeling.

Mixing & Mastering

A dynamic presentation between sound and visual is what we strive for. The value of volume, frequency and harmonics is highly recognized and treated in-depth. Whether it’s mastering at EBU R128 levels, YouTube, Facebook or Spotify, our levels matter.


With shaping and toning our digital world, we make the impossible possible. The beautiful designs of our lighting, 3D models and special effects are ultimately in respect to its surrounding world. It’s about believing all the different elements that are presented to you.

Set Design

Creating a real world that is rich in detail is the beauty of our miniature set designs. Every aspect is carefully built with the purpose of enriching the story and its surrounding visuals. The touch of handcrafted magic!